About Us

Our Story


  • Fast ServiceAs well as responding quickly to all your requests and questions, we also perform our operations quickly.
  • Correct Due DateThe margins of error in the realization period of our operations are close to zero.
  • Safe DeliveryWe are working with the utmost care to ensure that your cargo is not damaged while being transported to the destination.


As MRL Logistics, we started to serve in 2019 with a team of experts, each of whom has worked in the logistics sector for many years. We aim to reflect our perspective that is formed with our years of experience to our customers in the most accurate way. In this context, we aimed to add value to our business partners as well as to be their companions on the journey.

We further develop classic road transport and offer our customers a fast, reliable and economical road transportation. We are also an integrated logistics company that provides solutions in areas such as storage and customs clearance that add value.


Thanks to our strong overseas connections, we are able to produce solutions for our customers in many parts of Europe. With our agents in Milan in Italy, Straubing and Krefeld in Germany and Athens in Greece, we can easily move in many regions.

We will continue to take our customers, who follow the sector closely, are open to innovation and focus on quality in logistics, a step forward.


Towards the Future

2019 – 

We started our activities and made our first vehicle investments.

As your strong logistics partner, we can help you grow.