Road Transport

We Manage Logistics Operations in 120 Cities in Europe with More Than 1000 Vehicles

Road Transport

As MRL Logistics, we carry the cargoes of our exporters and importers operating in the Turkey – Europe line by road as both complete and partial. We use the speed advantage of road transport in the most effective way in order to help our customers adapt to the constantly changing market conditions.


In addition to our minivan service for loads up to 1400 kilograms, we make a difference with our express and ultra-express transport options.

Partial Transport

As MRL Logistics, we offer tailor-made solutions for your partial cargoes to all of Europe and add the cost advantage to the transit time advantage. Thanks to the strong infrastructure we have in Turkey and Europe, we deliver your partial loads effectively to your desired destination point. In our transport network extending to Germany, Italy, Benelux and Balkan countries as well as to the UK and Scandinavian countries; we also offer dangerous goods transport and refrigerated transport services.

Complete Transport

As MRL Logistics, we load your complete loads at any time and choose the most suitable route and deliver it directly and quickly to your destination. We complete the transport operation with a single vehicle and deliver your cargo safely without any external effects. Efficiency increases considerably in complete transports carried out in a certain order and continuously. For this reason, we become partners of our customers’ business processes and ensure that they receive regular and cost-effective services.

Express Transport

We offer express transport services, which are one of the most effective ways of reducing transit times in road transport, to our customers with our load-specific solutions. In order to avoid being affected by the restrictions on the driving time of the drivers in Europe, we double the time that the vehicle is active and continues its way without stopping through double driver exits as per the demands of our customers.

Ultra-Express Transport

With our ultra-express delivery option, we take the express transports carried out with double drivers one step further. If requested by our customers, we increase the number of drivers to 3 to minimize transit time. Thus, we provide a great advantage in terms of speed by ensuring that the vehicle continues its way along the route without stopping.

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