We are at your elbow in your import, export, domestic transport and storage needs!

Not Only to Europe but All Over the World

We aim to reflect our perspective that is formed with our years of experience to our customers in the most accurate way. In addition to road, intermodal and minivan transport, we also offer domestic and international storage solutions.


Fast service

As well as responding quickly to all your requests and questions, we also perform our operations quickly.

Correct Due Date

The margins of error in the realization period of our operations are close to zero.

Safe Delivery

We are working with the utmost care to ensure that your cargo is not damaged while being transported to the destination.

Road Transport

İntermodal Transport



We Manage Logistics Operations in 120 Cities in Europe with More Than 1000 Vehicles.


As MRL Logistics, we carry the cargoes of our exporters and importers operating in the Turkey- Europe line by road as both complete and partial.

In addition to standard shipments, we also provide services for express and ultra-express shipments.

We also carry out dangerous goods transport by road, refrigerated transport and project transport.

With Ro-Ro and railway exits, we reach the European countries with the correct due dates.


Intermodal transportation, where cargoes are transported to another transport vehicle without being handled, has been preferred frequently in recent years due to its cost advantage.


We deliver loads of up to 1400 kg from door to door within 36-48-72 hours.


Minivan transport, which is used as an alternative to airline logistics, stands out with its speed and cost advantage.


We provide warehouse services in Turkey and abroad.


As MRL Logistics, we offer duty-paid and duty-free storage services to our customers in our warehouses in Gebze, Dilovası and Hadımköy. We also offer warehouse services abroad.


Sectors We Serve


KWe carry your products safely in accordance with all international agreements with our team of experts in chemical goods transport.



We deliver the cargoes of our customers serving in the automotive sector safely and within the time we commit to the destination.

Heavy Industry

In addition to our special transport methods for heavy industry products, we make a difference with our expert and experienced team in project transport.



We offer competitive prices to our customers in the textile sector and deliver your products before they go out of fashion.



We carry out the transportation operations of foodstuffs meticulously and we plan the supply chain from production to table with our expert team with great care.


Thanks to our experience and diversity of equipment, we also serve other sectors with the most suitable routes and freight rates.